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Riu Reggae Resort, Montego Bay- Jamaica Wedding: Mike & Thea

Updated: Jul 1, 2020


First time I saw you, my heart whispered, “thats the one”...

The Couple:

There is nothing like being in the presence of raw, fierce and unfiltered love. The strong passion in the eyes of Thea and the smooth rhythm in the steps of Mike during those few days at the Riu Reggae Resort in Jamaica for their beautiful wedding, was definitely one to go down in the books.


We arrived at the resort and got settled in and within moments the fun had already began. The entire bridal party and friends to these amazing people were excited and ready to participate in all the actives mapped out for us. One thing that was evident was the attention to all the great things Mike and Thea had planned for their guests. See, this couple went above and beyond to make sure that people weren’t just there for their special day but incorporated a real vacation vibe to it. We enjoyed jumping off cliffs into the waters below, tubing, running around on the beaches and just being grown kids.

Wedding Day:

There was a call for rain on the day of the wedding and looking at the forecast and trying to figure out how to beat mother nature to her plans and also capture great images was going to be tricky but also possible. There was an enormous amount of emotions at all angles in the moments leading up to the ceremony that I believe added to how this day turned out. After capturing the prep on both sides, the team and I made our way to the ceremony.

Surrounded by smiling eyes and well wishers, the bridal party made their way to the beach as we waited for the bride. Indeed, it was a sight to behold. Looking at Thea as she walked down the aisle with her father, was a beautiful moment. There was something about the weather, her hair, dress and her smile... it was captivating. Taking her hand, Mike led his soon to be wife to the altar. They exchanged their vows and sealed their union with a kiss. Now that they were officially married, I looked at Mike and saw the pride in his eyes as he led his wife to the reception.


Great food, great music and a lively crowd, the reception was off to a great start. There was so much laughter, dancing, speeches and of tears... but you could feel the love in it’s raw state. Love that took growth, patience, willingness to accept and nurture. Those moments and process that Mike and Thea allowed themselves to go through and still go through, led to everyone there celebrating them.

Congratulations to Mike and Thea. We wish you a lifetime of love, blessings and great memories.


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