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Richmond Omni Hotel Wedding: Mohammed & Reel

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Did someone say HENNA?

So did you know that a typical Sudanese marriage celebration was more than a five day event? A little fun fact. Also, I thought women were the only ones who indulged in henna parties. No no no, I found that the groom also has his own henna night where his male friends and female relatives celebrated with him. And, at this party the grooms hands and legs are painted to show that he’s the groom…

Ok let me not get carried away but I just can’t help but admire the beauty in every single culture. My beautiful Sudanese couple that have me putting some research skills to use are Mohammed and Reel (aka MoReel).

So, by the time my services were provided, MoReel had the white ceremony and “Jertig” which is also known as the “red day” left. (Why? Because Red is the prominent color theme). Another fun fact, lol I had to lol: the color red is believed to drive away evil spirits and bring good luck to the newlyweds.

The Omni Richmond Hotel was a perfect venue for this. With a live band serenading the atmosphere with Sudanese music, the couple together with friends and family danced the night away…

I hope you see the beauty of this culture through these images below.

Congratulations guys!!!

Congratulations Mo & Reel...

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