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Potomac Shores Golf Club Wedding: Brandan & Jade

Brandan And Jade

As a photographer there are some couples you meet that leave quiet an impression on you. They instantly make your job easy and creative. This was exactly how this day went.

It was a beautiful day at the Potomac Shores Golf Club. As we walked in, we were greeted with chatter, giggles, hugs all around and inside jokes. There was a great attitude from everyone around the bride and groom and it was just so heart warming. You could actually feel the excitement and know this was a real life fairytale. 

Brandan and Jade both looked absolutely stunning this day. After a few behind the scene pictures it was time. The couple in front of an intimate crowd of their loved ones exchanged their vows to one another and sealed their love with a kiss. 

The relationship and chemistry between this couple, their beautiful children and family was just BEAUTIFUL. Looking at these images one can actually relive each moment as if they were there. 

Help me congratulate Brandan and Jade. May your love, support and respect for one another see you through life's journey and please keep that fire burning. 

Enjoy some of my favorite images below

on a sunny beautiful afternoon, Brandan and Jade said their "I dos"

A father and son moment....

Let's have some shots!

Last min flossing anyone?

ummm what is going on with this wind?

Brandan! You may kiss your bride!!

This d&%$ wind again!