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Now Saphire Riviera Cancun Wedding: Jonathan & Tanya

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Mi amor no conoce límites

(My love knows no bounds)

Peering through the clouds, the team and I take in the beautiful blue waters and white sands of Cancun Mexico. Blessed with this opportunity to capture the marriage ceremony between Jonathan and Tanya. I met up with this couple months ago when Jonathan came down to Washington DC from New York for their engagement session and now, estamos en Mexico!!

The drive from the airport to Now Saphire Resort seemed like forever but going through those gates was worth every second. It was something definitely out of a magazine. After

checking in and scouting the property we were ready to go. 

Preps before the steps…

Wedding Rehearsals went as planned and it was time for everyone to unwind a little or so we thought. There was a battle of the sexes, even though Jonathan and his boys brought New York to the beach, pulling out all their jerseys and showing off their favorite teams and players, Tanya and her girls took the cake. Cancun met the new “Bride watchers” lol. We had enough time to squeeze in a super fun photoshoot. (Pictures included below) 


Looking at Tanya as she stood in her dress, holding onto her bouquet, we all gushed at how gorgeous and happy she looked. The details of her dress and how playful she was helped capture some amazing pictures before the ceremony. There was a moment or two when the sun rays bounced off her skin creating a perfect halo around her. Jonathan and his boys were looking dapper as well. I don’t think I have had a groom and his tribe as hyped as these fellas. The energy was insane… good insane lol

Sweat beads…

Guests seated, enjoying the much needed breeze from the ocean as the wedding party made their way to the ceremony. All eyes on the groom as he waited patiently for his bride. Sweat beads formed on his forehead and made its way down his cheek but Jonathan didn’t mind. He was ready for his bride and this battle between him and the sun, he was winning LOL. ( Man 1- Sun 0)

Arms secured in her father’s, Tanya walked gracefully down the aisle. The oooo’s and aaaaa’s as she got closer to her forever and the smile on Jonathan’s face said everything. In front of the very people who have been a part of their journey from the beginning, who have watched their love grow and their friendship tested, they said their vows to one another and sealed it with a kiss becoming the latest and hottest couple Now Saphire Resort had ever seen. (Yes mucho bias on our end☺)

Indeed Love knows no bounds…. I chose this title because my clients are Haitian Americans and they traveled to Cancun Mexico to celebrate their love. I don’t know why but seeing people, friends and family alike leave everything behind and jetting out to be a part of this celebration was HUGE. Showed how loved they were by all 150 guests☺ . Congratulations to you both and I hope that you will always remember that happy place when you BOTH became ONE

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