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Historic Mankin Mansion Wedding Richmond VA : Sam & Fleurpa

History Made in the Present!

When a client puts as much effort into their wedding venue as they would their wedding dress/suit, it is evident once their guests arrive. Walking up this beautiful pathway and into the garden, the team is immediately taken aback at how beautiful the Historic Mankin Mansion located in Richmond VA, truly is. This venue was made especially for this day, many years before Samuel and Fleurpa’s paths crossed. It stood in all its glory, wrapped in rich red bricks, greenery, amazing décor inside and out and an exceptional attention to detail in the every room.

There sits my bride! 

Nothing beats a happy bride for they make the most beautiful brides EVER! #FACTS  Fleurpa was grinning from ear to ear and she had that amazing pep in her step. Her wonderful girls kept that excitement going and after we captured many candid moments during the make-up/dress up session, we checked in with Samuel and his men. Samuel who seemed so quiet and reserved during their pre wedding photoshoot months before was very vocal today. With that came a few jokes and more laughter as we captured him getting ready also. Such an amazing couple to be around. Their support team was definitely A1!

First look! 

Breathe they say huh, but I can tell you that no amount of breathing exercises could  prepare a man for that moment when he lays his eyes on his not girlfriend, no, not fiancée either, but at that moment and in a few moments to come, HIS WIFE!  Yes this beautiful woman who stood in front of him, adorned in such a gorgeous dress, hair and makeup all done and as my MUA’s would say, Fleurpa was beat and slayed for the gods… LOL! Sam and Fleurpa both beamed with pride, as they embraced one another. Tissues please...

Ceremony and Reception! 

The marriage ceremony was a very intimate and emotional one for all who were in attendance. Once pronounced husband and wife, it was time to dance the night away and oh yeah EAT!  From their first dance, to the toasts and great foot works, our work was done.

"Mom can I also say something"

Everything about this moment was Historical. This venue, this bride and groom, the energy from all sides- unmatched! History was made this day. Wishing this beautiful couple a life time of blessings. Congratulations!!

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