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DC Union Station Engagement: Prince & Princess

Our Journey...

When Prince decided to ask Princess for her hand in marriage, he knew it was going to be a journey. After all the process of crushing  on a beautiful young lady or young man to actually popping the question is not an over night decision right? Lol.

With this in mind it made sense  to take their engagement session to the famous  Union Station in Washington DC.

It was a great  location to capture these two. Surrounded  by people  of all walks  of life on a journey  either to/fro work, to see their loved ones, and/or a start point to their new  lives. Regardless, it was important  that both Prince and Princess understood the concept of this moment.

The beautiful part of this, is seeing Prince and Princess learning to be in love with the journey, unconditionally and unapologetically  loving towards it.

It was a sight to behold. Congratulations to you  both.

Enjoy these images below...

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