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City Center, DC Engagement: Ernest & Nancy

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Three times the Charm!!!

“Sometimes the wind blows and the mysteries of love become clear”... Angelo Badalamenti

It was a beautiful but windy day as we walked through City Center, DC, looking for a good spot to take these engagement photos. I remember looking at the pink flags swaying in the back and people holding onto their hats and jackets. Nervous about how this day would turn out and hoping my clients Nancy and Ernest wouldn’t see the worry on my face, I decided to surrender to the wind and ride it. Game time!

Twenty minutes into the shoot, and we were making magic happen. Ernest’s attention to Nancy as he became her wardrobe assistant, lol was amazing. He made sure she stood perfectly still as the wind worked in her favor. Their shots were so beautiful. Their choice of outfits were perfect for this day. Nancy had a cape on one of her dresses (you think she knew it would be windy?) and that was the showstopper.

We honestly couldn’t have chosen a better site for the day and God being good, caused the elements of the day to come together perfectly....

“I Pledge allegiance to the flag, and my heart to the soldier who defends it”....Unknown

Whatsapp text:

Nancy: John, are you available for another shoot in a few weeks?

John: Lol, sure Nancy. Let me know when...

It’s always a great feeling when a client books you for the second time and you know their creativity and energy compliments yours. For their second shoot, Ernest chose two places that defined a part of his work. Something incredible happens when a sense of pride in one's’ service to his country and his love for his woman merge. Ernest chose the Arlington Memorial Amphitheater and Washington Navy Yard.

The Amphitheater was absolutely beautiful. Crisp white marble floors and walls, rich architecture in every corner and wow, there in front of me and many tourists, stood Ernest looking very dapper in his red suit standing next to Nancy in a beautiful and bright Kente Gown. Forgetting that it was about 100 degrees that day (wait first wind, now heat hmmm..), these two killed yet another shoot. Goofiness...check,!

Part II of 2:

Ernest stepped into his United States Navy uniform for the second part of this shoot at Washington Navy Yard. His demeanor screamed pride and confidence as he walked towards me. Nancy who was clad in a similar material to compliment her soldier was all smiles as they posed for their pictures. They came out beautiful. Their chemistry is real. This is a woman and man who are madly in love with each other. It doesn’t take a camera lens to capture that.

Whatsapp text:

You already

The forecast called for rain on the day of third shoot. Boy, I tell you, Nancy and Ernest sure have the elements of nature as their friend lol. We met up at the National Art Museum, East Building in Washington DC. I think that a moment of silence is needed for Ernest. He kills it in a suit every time and this olive green suit he wore was definitely GQ worthy. What do the kids say these days? YASSS!! Lol.

Nancy, at this point takes the cake every time. Her beautiful peach gown, showcasing an intense beading and lace detail, that only begs the imagination of the love and time that went into making it. The two of them together deserve a spot in this museum. We had another amazing time capturing love, fun, creativity and laughter.

A special thank you to Ernest and Nancy for trusting J.S Photography not once but three times to capture your beautiful images. Congratulations on this new and exciting journey. I hope you enjoyed these beautiful images.

***All Gowns worn by Nancy were designed and sewn by herself. (Instagram: @bernandoll_)***

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